Irrigation System

The video just simply shows how a simple irrigation system works. Irrigation is a technique used to bring water onto areas that can’t normally reach by flowing water. This is used as simple as watering the lawn at your own home or in a much bigger scale, watering a whole farm or field. This technique is more of use in subtropic or arid areas where water is limited and/or scarce. It’s not just in these areas; it is also widely used in other farms as well. To make full use of the irrigation system is to have the water as close to areas where it is much needed. When using a sprinkler system as a way to irrigate, it is wise to do the sprinkling during hours when the sun is down in order to make it more efficient. In agriculture, this is a really helpful method as long as there is a water source and lines (example like a PVC) to distribute the water to targeted areas.

Farming In Agriculture

Agriculture is a broad word and it could mean a lot. Farm or farming is just one of the many subcategories of agriculture and this kind of category mainly focuses on farm products such as cultivated crops, fruits, vegetables and breeding and raising of farm animals such as pigs, cows, goats, chickens and the such.


Farming has been one of the longest and oldestforms of work that sustains the basic needs of people, even up to this day. Since then farming isn’t just about livestock and crops, there have been many other forms of farming such as aquaculture (farming of aquatic organisms like fish, crustaceans , etc.), dairy farming (milk, eggs), organic farming (this relies more on techniques used for farming) and more.


In a sense, agriculture is more commonly known and is connected together with farming. For countries that rely on agriculture to improve their economy, the need to improve the current farming techniques is essential. Not to mention the natural phenomenon that occurs such as typhoons and drought that greatly affects agriculture. Ways to improve farming and countering the said natural problems is still ongoing till today.

The Best Thing About Agriculture

Agriculture is a study and cultivation of plants, animals and other life forms in order to obtain food, medicine, biofuel and other products that is needed by us. Agriculture is a broad word and it can be described by either; as a study or science (or applied science), an academic discipline or more commonly as a type of industry.


If you speak of agriculture, the first thing that would come to mind is crops and farm animals. Well this is true and this is just a part of it. Agriculture is important since this is the source for most of our daily needs like food and medicine. For still developing countries, this is the prime industry for them. For this type of industry, they mainly focus in farm products like crops, dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables as a stable source for their economy to flourish. Nowadays, a lot of agricultural countries strive to improve their economy by researching better ways and equipment to better enhance their current state and to combat natural problems such as drought and storms.